Welcome to the new EGB website and Forum!

Dear Friends and Colleagues – welcome to the new EGB website and Forum!

Just in time for the run-up to the EGB Symposium and The Holy Grail Guitar Show this fall, the new EGB platform has finally come online.

First, and above all, a big Thank You to our webmasters - Jacco Stuitje and Sander de Gier put a lot of effort into making this a reality!  The creation of this site is an excellent example of what we envisioned the EGB to be, when we first came together.  The EGB is a community, and as such it depends entirely on the participation and the voluntary contributions of its members.  Jacco and Sander stepped up and offered their skill and time to realize this project.  Well done!!  I very much hope we will honor their work by making good and frequent use of the website and the new Forum.

Our association is still in its infancy.  We are spread all across Europe.  Having a common platform for networking and communicating is crucial to the creation and sustainability of our community.  This platform can be a powerful tool in bringing us together and making our lives richer and easier.  Your input and your participation is vital, it is what will allow it to develop and serve your needs better.  As guitar makers we share many of the same experiences, problems.  We can help each other in many ways.  Sharing information, creating friendships, initiating activities, all of this can make a difference in tangible and positive ways.  Look at how the HGGS has already impacted the European handmade guitar scene.  And that is just the beginning…

This website is brand new – there might still be bugs and things that need to be tweaked.  Let us know if you come across some.  Ideas, proposals, thoughts?  This is your website -  it needs your input, your comments, to grow and develop.  Don’t be shy – don’t be lazy!   We are all EGB!  Resistance is futile  😉

Finally I’d like to paraphrase J.F. Kennedy here:  “Ask not what the EGB can do for you, ask what you can do for the EGB!”

Thank you again, Jacco and Sander!

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