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Last year was all about the first Holy Grail Guitar Show.  The EGB agenda had to take a backseat to this major effort - but I think it paid off handsomely.  The Show was an unqualified success!  Lots of visitors, good media attention and coverage, quite a few sales.  Above all the spirit present during the Symposium and the Show was very gratifying - I think both visitors and exhibitors had a great time - and I have to say, I was very impressed with the quality and originality of the instruments on exhibit!  Great work, everyone!  It was a truly historical occasion.

Work on the next Show has started already.  This coming year we have the advantage of our experience and also of being able to start much earlier with the exhibitor selection process, giving builders a head start on preparing instruments for the Show.  We will shortly announce the date and other details and should soon be able to open the application process for a spot at the next edition of the HGGS.

Please remember - this is an invitational show.  Obviously it would be great to be able to offer everyone who would like to participate a table, but unfortunately that will not be possible.  One thing which became quite clear during the last Show is that FEW people seem to take the time to read our communications - there were some misunderstandings because of this.  So please read what we send out carefully - it is in your own interest!

The primary goal of the Show is to promote the handbuilt guitar in general - to raise awareness among the public that there is a great alternative to the factory-built instruments, and to expand the market for our creations.  In this way the Show will ultimately benefit ALL guitar builders, not just the ones exhibiting.  To make it a successful show we have to offer the visitor and the media a varied and interesting mix, and feature both well-known builders and newcomers.  New exhibitors must also have the chance to show their instruments.


We now also hope to have time and space to work on the EGB agenda - there are quite a few projects and ideas about what the EGB can do for the luthiers' community.  Over the next few weeks I will present some of these ideas and I would also like to invite those of you who want to contribute or have suggestions to let us know.  During our General Assembly at the Symposium we decided to create the post of an administrative director to coordinate and be in charge of these activities, so that we can build a viable infrastructure and maintain it.

One of our projects is to create acomprehensive calendar of guitar shows- there are quite a few out there and the opportunities to exhibit are not in any way limited to the HGGS!  Here's "Guitares au Beffroi" that will take place in France in March!

Michael Spalt

EGB president

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