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guitar-makersThe new book Guitar Makers by Yale professor of anthropology Kathryn Dudley is a must read for anyone working in the field of guitar building. She touches on and explores  a lot of the themes and concerns which have led me personally to work on/for the creation of the EGB.

Having experienced the American luthierie scene and the way guitar builders there view their work and life in the context of a community, sharing information, helping each other, I was surprised by how different the situation is in Europe.

Born out of the spirit of the late '60s, with more than a tinge of hippie idealism, the roots of American modern lutherie are far from the European model, grown out of the medieval guild system, with its mistrust, secrecy of methods and territorial angst.

One of the main misson objectives of the EGB is the fostering of a community, of creating a platform for this spirit and of helping guitar builders navigate the rapid changes happening today, on so many levels.  Much of this is addressed here - essential reading!

Michael Spalt

president EGB

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