More Shows in Italy

This show seems to have taken its clue from the HGGS - a format that is getting popular!

Custom Shop Boutique Guitar Show

takes place on March 15th in Milan - rather short notice, but very reasonable rates.  The same outfit (associated with a big Italian retailer/music magazine) is doing a show in fall, this one more in the character of a trade fair:

SHG #40  (one of the oldest shows around) Nov. 15th, also in Milan.

This is for informational purposes only.  The EGB does not endorse any show nor are we affiliated with any show except The Holy Grail Guitar Show

Our purpose is to inform luthiers about opportunities for exhibiting their instruments.  In our view, the more such opportunities exist, the better - the more potential customers we reach with our instruments, the more our niche in the market will benefit.  It is also a good thing that more shows are willing to accommodate the specific needs of the small builder.

So - there are quite a few shows around - new markets to explore and venues to help promote the handmade boutique guitar!  Pack your bags and travel!

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