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We are happy to announce that we are now collaborating with Luthierbuilt, a premier destination for musicians, guitar lovers and builders on the web.  In the short time it has been active in its latest incarnation Luthierbuilt has already become a force in the guitar world, with many useful features and a truly international audience.

I think this will be a fruitful and interesting project, for both the EGB and Luthierbuilt.  More about this will come soon.


As we are currently focusing our resources on organizing the upcoming Holy Grail Guitar Show, our work on the EGB itself has taken a bit of a backseat. Some of our projects, such as an expanded web presence with forums and informational networks, will take a little longer to implement. Originally founded with the sole intention of being a vehicle for organizing the Holy Grail Guitar Show, the EGB has taken on a life of its own. It soon became evident that something like this, an international European organization of luthiers, offered greater possibilities and demanded to be taken further. And as the year progresses, and when our work on the show allows for it, we will return to give more attention on developing the EGB.

The show itself is still going to be the highlight of our yearly activities and we are woking hard to make sure that it will be a spectacular offering of guitarbuilding bounty!  MarkNovember 14th, 15th and 16th in your calender - and Berlin as your destination. We have secured a great location and are now working on putting together the particulars.

Friday, November 14th will be reserved for the EGB Symposium - a general assembly, seminars, discussions and in the evening a luthier's party for exhibitors and EGB members.  The show itself will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

We have also made some policy changes - it is now no longer required to become a member of EGB in order to be considered as exhibitor.  It seems to me that whoever wants to join the EGB should do so for its own sake, and not feel pressured to do so just to be able to participate in the show -                    Michael Spalt,  president EGB

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