The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016

A big 'thank you' to all the exhibitors, visitors and other supporters of this year's HGGS, which again turned out tremendously well!

With 135 exhibitors there was certainly something there for every taste, from classical, flamenco and Archtop instruments to double-neck basses and dreadnoughts, to heavy metal shredders and avant-garde axes and all stations in between. The proportion of electric to acoustic instruments was in the 60:40 range, with a strong showing of basses and hybrid instruments.

A particular highlight of this year’s Show was the Local Wood Challenge. Exhibitors were invited to contribute instruments sourced exclusively from materials from their region, the aim being to highlight the great local woods available for building guitars as an alternative to the endangered high-airmile tropical woods traditionally used in instrument making. The results, as one might expect from top international builders, were spectacular, to say the least.

If you were not able to visit or just want to relive some of the highlights visit our social media sites for the post-show coverage:
The HGGS YouTube Channel

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