EGB Symposium – pre-registration

EGB Symposium 2017
June 23 - 25, 2017

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

We're working on preparing the 2017 Symposium.  Since this time it will not coincide with a Holy Grail Guitar Show it will most likely be a bit different from the previous ones - probably with fewer attendees, but maybe with a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.  We will see - in any case we're working on having some interesting stuff going on and hope you will come and participate!

What we need from you:  an indication of how many of you will come. This is not a binding commitment on your part, but it is meant to give us a better idea as to what the organizational needs will be and how to best meet them and calculate the budget and fees, so please let us know whether you intend to come. We will post and email any updates as they develop both on Facebook, the website and via the newsletter. Read on for a bit of information that should help make your decision:

Symposium topics: As of right now the board members are discussing the program, so should you have any ideas or input please let us know this now for consideration. Here's some of the topics we're considering (and perhaps there might be a surprise or two...):

*A lot of you indicated in the survey that you would like to continue with the range of topics we discussed during the last Symposium: ‘How to make a living as a luthier’ — so we want to keep discussing this topic, deepening the understanding of strategies like self-management, workshop organisation, self-care, marketing, show collaborations, pricing etc.. Having a smaller group attending might actually allow for more interaction and a more intensive discourse. There are a lot of aspects to this range of topics and we can take the time to explore these issues more deeply.

* The other hot topic of this year will be the recent CITES changes and how they affect us. We will dedicate some time to this, perhaps with  special presentations by officials, and updates on current efforts to make things better for us. As EGB we are looking into joining with other organizations to work on pushing for better regulations for instrument makers. We are also looking into the possibility to have someone come and talk about the LACEY Act, which is increasingly affecting all luthiers exporting to the US.

* Some requested attention to technical topics, so perhaps something will work out for something more ‘educational’ as well. CNC was mentioned, another topic under consideration which impacts all of us is finishing, maybe with a focus on waterborne finishes, latest developments, the various types available, experiences and results.

* One idea that came up during discussions about possible things to do: a community guitar building project with luthiers collaborating on making one or more instruments. Based on a project by a group of 16 Viennese violin makers, who built a quartet (4 instruments) in 4 days as a communal effort, we thought that might be something fun - of course the feasibility would depend on the number of people participating and access to tools and workspace capable of accommodating such a project.

Cost/fees: Depending on the number of attendees the fee can vary. We understand that the cost of travel and lodging is already a burden, so every effort will be made to keep the cost as low as possible. Best case we are looking at hopefully not more than around EUR 150 - 175 for three days including catering for coffee breaks and lunch, with the EGB picking up some of the cost. But all of this depends on how many attendees we will have - therefore:

Please click here for the pre-registration and complete it before February 25.


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