EGB Community Build: Youth Project

The Team




Frank Deimel


Mete Cem Kuzu



Nicolai Schorr



The Idea


The EGB youth build project is a practical brain storming, an on-going testing and deepening of a concept geared towards developing a kit guitar for children and teenagers.

How do we get kids to experience the joy of designing and building something that they can then actually use? We keep it simple, we make it fast, and we make it cool. The idea of the kit is to provide all the parts of a guitar that are hard to make or take a lot of skill, and let the kids – assisted by teachers, parents etc. – focus on the fun bits, like designing, cutting out and painting the body shape made out of plywood, assembling the parts and stringing up the guitar to hear it make sound for the first time.


The Beginning / Vienna, July 2017




Preparations had started before the EGB Symposium 2017, where the projects were officially started. During the 3 days in Vienna the 3 builders worked on the prototypes, assisted by a small number of youngsters.
















And as it showed the guitars do not only appeal to a young crowd...

The three builders are currently fine-tuning the processes and ideas, which will be exhibited at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 in the form of three kids guitars that were designed and built in collaboration with each other and the EGB kids.





Follow the progress of the Youth Builds on the blog here!


Welcome to the Youth Community Build Project

and follow along as it develops over the next months!

The community build projects are supported by:

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