The EGB Board of Directors

Chair: Frank Deimel

"I am part of the association, as it is our true chance to get guitar building back to our own culture. By being part of this community of great builders, we empower ourselves to focus on our roots of European guitar building, as well as to present the essence of this great culture in a unique show. As unique as our guitars are.

Music is a language between gesture and speech. To build a "tool" to express this emotion at its best, and to maintain and foster this ability in Europe is the main goal of this association for me."

Frank Deimel, 2013
Deimel Guitarwork

Vice Chair: Diego Vila

For the last 15 years l've been making electric
nstruments, and through them trying to express my
vision and let them reveal my personality
Being part of EGB is a way to foster the community
and forge mutual bonds with colleagues which to me
is a fundamental part of life.

Diego Vila Guitars

Treasurer: Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky

In 1990 I started guitar building in Los Angeles. And as late as 2017 I finally competed my master of crafts in luthery in Austria. Along the way I met a lot of luthiers, freaks and techs, that helped me to get faster and better, without any tradeoff. As much as I benefited from the "sharing is caring" community of our craft, I want to give back my to the community. There are many lone-woolves in our craft. When we talk, duiscuss and help each other, it does not feel so caged in the own cave any more.
EGB feels some kind of like home to me.

Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky, 2022

MADA Guitars

Vice Treasurer: Rui Silva

When i decide to be part of EGB comunity was because i felt the need of sharing ideas, projects and conversations with other luhtiers. Our comunity gives me that, new friends, learnings and conections with people that walks in the same direction. I'm proud of this EGB familly.

Rui Silva Guitars

Secretary: Nicolai Schorr

"I build electric, semiacoustic and acoustic instruments exclusively by hand in my shop in Berlin, Neukölln. I take this work very seriously. After studying art for six years and playing and performing music for a decade, this is where I am at."

Schorr Guitars

Vice Secretary: Marco Omar Viola

I growed up with any tools in my hands, my grandpa teached me how to use those tools to make creative works. The guitar passion did the rest. This beautiful job let me met some incredible traveling companions and the most of them are EGB Members.

MOV Guitars

Board Member: Rosie Heydenreich

The EGB is a very powerful resource of knowledge and a solid community of support. I am very thankful to be a member and have gained much insight from ther members. I feel privileged as a board member to help others to do the same.

Turnstone Guitar Company

 Board Member: Christian Jablonski

I like guitar making a lot. So much, that I teach it, to spread the craft of the handmade guitar. I'm very happy to have found my tribe in EGB!

Jablonski Guitars

Board Member: Fran Rodríguez

Music and guitars, guitars and music are always present in my Life so be a guitar builder was the right path to choose and the exact place to be.

I'm so Happy being part of EGB and the amazing team spreading our love and passion for Handmade guitars.


Controller: Andreas Neubauer

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