EGB presents – for the first time in Europe: a Grit Laskin Seminar, spring 2016 (in planning stage)

guitarmaker-canvasEGB presents: INLAY & ENGRAVING with William ‘Grit' Laskin

Members of EGB have the chance for a rare treat:William ‘Grit’ Laskin has offered to come to Europe for a workshop in Spring of 2016. It would be hosted by Spalt Instruments in Vienna. We are now determining if there is enough interest to organise such a workshop.

The workshop will be a combination of hands-on work as well as theoretical teaching. Prerequisite for participants are basic inlay skills (experience with having cut and inlaid shell) and some tools are required to bring.



Click here for more details about this exciting 5-day event!


2016 Santa Barbara Show

Another new show will take place in Santa Barbara, California, September 29 - October 2, 2016.  It seems that there are still some exhibitor spots available.  This is an exclusively acoustic show!  If you are interested contact Kevin for more information.  A gorgeous setting and a great program will make this a nice event to attend!

EGB Questions & Answers

To address some recent questions that seem to be of general interest you can now find a Q&A section in the sidebar. We will develop and continue it, so check back every once in a while!

EGB Symposium Seminar

We are happy to announce that Grit Laskin has agreed to hold a seminar during the EGB Symposium.  Grit is one of the world's foremost inlay artists as well as a master luthier.

Festival Guitare Issoudun and the HGGS dates

The dates for the EGB Symposium and the The Holy Grail Guitar Show are as follows:

Friday, Oct. 30th:  EGB Symposium

open to all EGB members and exhibitors as well as guests.  The EGB General Assembly will also take place - it is open only to EGB members.  We will publish the program as it develops.

Sat & Sunday, Oct 31st and Nov 1st.:  The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015


The Festival Guitare Issoudun

As a matter of principle and collegial courtesy we try and avoid date conflicts with other shows or festivals.  Therefore we are not very happy to have to announce that unfortunately a date conflict with the 27th edition (congratulations, by the way!) of theFestival Guitare Issoudun could not be avoided this year.  We offer our apologies, especially to those luthiers who will have to choose which event they want to attend.   With this in mind we are working at announcing the list of luthiers selected to exhibit at the HGGS as soon as possible.  We will do our best to avoid this conflict in the future.

The Festival is taking place from the 29th of October to the 31st.  The guitar expositiontakes place Oct. 30th and Oct. 31st.  It offers a rich program, rounded out by master classes, concerts, workshops. A great selection of luthier-built guitars will be on display.  Please check it out!

Le Festival Guitare d'Issoudun

Pour des questions de principe et de courtoisie, nous nous efforçons d'éviter que différents salons se déroulent sur la même période. Malheureusement, nous devons annoncer que nous n'avons pas été en mesure d'éviter ce problème de date cette année, puisque le Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015 se déroulera en même temps que la 27ème édition du Festival Guitare d'Issoudun (Félicitations, au passage !). Nous présentons nos excuses, particulièrement aux luthiers qui auront à choisir entre les deux événements. Nous essaierons donc de publier la liste des luthiers sélectionnés pour le HGGS rapidement et ferons de notre mieux pour éviter ce genre de désagrément à l'avenir.

Le Festival Guitare d'Issoudun aura lieu du 29 au 31 Octobre, le salon de lutherie quant à lui ouvrira ses portes les 30 et 31 Octobre. Le programme du festival est complété par des master class, des workshops et des concerts. Le public pourra y admirer une superbe sélection d'instruments de luthier. Jetez y un oeil !

More Shows in Italy

This show seems to have taken its clue from the HGGS - a format that is getting popular!

Custom Shop Boutique Guitar Show

takes place on March 15th in Milan - rather short notice, but very reasonable rates.  The same outfit (associated with a big Italian retailer/music magazine) is doing a show in fall, this one more in the character of a trade fair:

SHG #40  (one of the oldest shows around) Nov. 15th, also in Milan.

This is for informational purposes only.  The EGB does not endorse any show nor are we affiliated with any show except The Holy Grail Guitar Show

Our purpose is to inform luthiers about opportunities for exhibiting their instruments.  In our view, the more such opportunities exist, the better - the more potential customers we reach with our instruments, the more our niche in the market will benefit.  It is also a good thing that more shows are willing to accommodate the specific needs of the small builder.

So - there are quite a few shows around - new markets to explore and venues to help promote the handmade boutique guitar!  Pack your bags and travel!

Guitars shows around Europe

The Holy Grail Guitar Show isn't the only one - we are going to compile a directory of guitar shows, trade fairs and events, in Europe and around the world.  Currently many builders are attending the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA..  But there's some opportunities to exhibit closer to home: I've already mentioned the Paris show "Guitares au Beffroi" - if you can't make it there you may want to visit the Milan show "Guitars and Beyond".  Let's liven up the European builder scene and participate - we'll have more listings soon!