Applications for exhibitor spots are now accepted


Applications by professional luthiers for an exhibitor spot at the 2015 edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show are now being accepted.  Please go to this link on the HGGS website to apply:

The application process will close on February 10th.  Applications submitted after that date cannot be considered. 

A few words about this:

We decided to stick closely to the format of the 2014 edition, as it has proved very successful.  Feedback from visitors and exhibitors about the last Show will be used to improve the experience for both visitors and exhibitors, as we want to make this next Show an even better one.  There are 115 exhibitor spots available.  We expect that there will be many more applications, so please be aware that having exhibited at the previous Show or being a member of the EGB does not guarantee an exhibitor spot. Applicants will be notified about the status of their applications as soon as possible. Please be patient, every application will be considered carefully.

The exhibitor fee has been raised to EURO 700.  Last year’s show was organized largely on a volunteer basis, something which we cannot repeat in this form.  We are mindful of the need to keep things as affordable as possible, however certain jobs require professional help, which in turn requires a larger budget.   Among other improvements the lecture and concert programs will be expanded, to make the Show even more attractive.  As the Show is well on the way to establish itself as the gold standard for handmade guitar shows, we want to ensure its sustainability and further development.

 The Holy Grail Guitar Show is destined to become the yearly destination de rigeur for guitar lovers and aficionados worldwide

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