SHG Musicshow Milano, November 18 & 19

25 EGB members will be exhibiting at the Musicshow, come and visit with these makers:

Blackbeard Guitars with Paolo Lardera
Deimel Guitarworks with Frank Deimel
di Donato Guitars with Enrico Di Donato
Ergon Guitars with Adriano Sergio
Fant Guitars with Martin Fant
Franfret Guitars with Fran Rodríguez
Giulio Negrini Guitars with Giulio Negrini
Greyhound Guitars with Salvador Soriano
Herrmann Guitars with Ermanno Pasqualato
Jablonski Guitars with Christian Jablonski
Jacaranda with Daniele Fierro
Liuteria Fabiano Scuffi with Fabiano Scuffi Liutaio
Manne with Andrea Ballarin
MOV Guitars with Marco Omar Viola
Nik Huber Guitars with Nik Huber
Noah Guitars with Maria C Ruatti
Oliver Lang Basses with Oliver Lang
Onirica Guitars with Emanuele Faggion
Pagelli Gitarrenbau with Claudio Claudia Pagelli
Panucci with Angelo Van Merrienboer
Ramos Guitars with Jose Ramos
Soultool with Egon Rauscher
Spalt Instruments with Michael Spalt
Teuffel Guitars with Ulrich Teuffel
TV Jones with Tauna Tuokkola

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