Vendor Information

Welcome to the third

EGB Symposium
Thursday October 6 & Friday October 7, 2016
Estrel Berlin

Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin


Vendor Information for the 'Marketplace'
Friday, October 7
09:00 - 19:00


The EGB Symposium is a closed event for EGB members, exhibitors, and special guests. We are looking forward to meeting you all (again) in person!

The EGB Symposium is a community effort from luthiers for luthiers.  The Marketplace area is a new addition this year, so we appreciate your collaboration and feedback. This is a test to create a concept for a larger supplier day as part of the EGB Symposium.

Please read the following information thoroughly and carefully! It contains important information helping to make your experience a great one! Should you have questions please email Tania.


[toggle title="Whom do I contact with questions?" state="closed"]

For general inquiries: Tania Spalt and Agnes Szauter
For website related issues: Jacco Stuitje
For visual material and design: Ida Bessa
For PR coordination: Mike Hembury

Phone contacts:
The Estrel Hotel & Convention Center +49 30 6831 0
Tania Spalt +43 1 8903915 (office / before the Show)
Tania Spalt +43 676 3015190 (mobile / during the Show)[/toggle]


Preparing your journey to Berlin


[toggle title="Where do I stay?" state="closed"]We have allotments with The Estrel and the Motel Plus still on hold, and the 2A Hostel can also still be booked on request (based on availability). Click here for more information. Please be aware that you are dealing with the hotels directly. Any modifications, cancellations, or other issues have to be worked out with the hotel directly.

If you want to research other hotels here are some resources: - online hotel search engine


[toggle title="How do I get to the Estrel?" state="closed"]

Arrival at the Estrel

The Estrel provides detailed information on travel questions on their website, including their rates for in- and outdoor parking:

Many exhibitors elected to drive last year and had different experiences with traffic delays, so be prepared!

Unloading at the Estrel:

Use the secondary entrance of the Estrel, which opens directly to the event registration area/entrance. You may unload there but you cannot park! The Estrel might have you towed!

The Environmental Zone

If you drive in certain areas of Berlin be aware of this regulation as you might need to purchase a sticker in advance. A map of these areas and more information can be found here:

Berlin Airports

Public Transport

More information about the public transport system, tickets, trip planner:
[toggle title=" What else can one do in Berlin?" state="closed"]Berlin Information - Berlin events, programs, etc.

General Berlin app:

A culture app for Berlin:

[toggle title="Can I ship my products to the Estrel?" state="closed"]Yes.

Labeling your shipment

All goods sent to the Estrel MUST have the following information on the boxes (use the ‘Shipping Label’ provided):
➣ Company name, contact person at the company premises, address
➣ Name of the event: The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 - EGB Symposium
➣ There is no ‘stand number’ — put EGB Symposium and your business name
➣ The name and mobile phone number of the person in charge on-site will be:
Tania Spalt, mobile phone + 43 676-3015190

Shipping label (English)


Scheduling the arrival of your shipment

Arrivals on October 4 or later: Estrel will store it free of charge.

Arrivals before October 4: complete the ‘Order Form Logistic’ and send this form to the Estrel in time. They will charge a storage fee.

Order Form Logistic (english)

Logistikformular (deutsch)

Please also note that the Estrel’s receiving department is located behind the hotel’s parking garage. Their opening hours are Monday - Saturday between 7:00 and 15:00 so you need to inform the shipping or freight company about that! [/toggle]



CITES regulations are becoming more strict and enforcement is increasing. Because we are by now a major event we are on the radar of enforcement agencies. BE AWARE OF THIS AND MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW REGULATIONS!!!

Every vendor is fully and solely responsible for obtaining all required documentation for their products and to have them available if required. Traveling or shipping without proper documentation can result in delays at customs or the seizure of shipments. The European Union and especially Germany has increased their controls of protected woods, so it is crucial that you gather information about the applicable laws and requirements. We highly recommend that you do your research and follow appropriate export and import procedures!


At the Symposium


[toggle title="When can I check in (Basic info, more details will follow)" state="closed"]

Thursday, October 6 & Friday, October 7 (EGB Symposium)

You can register and pick up your vendor package on both days, the exact times will be sent to you later.

Rooms: Strassburg / Lyon


[toggle title="What is the program on Thursday and Friday? - Coming Soon" state="closed"]


[toggle title="What passes/tickets do I get?" state="closed"]2 vendor passes: one for the vendor and one for a helper/partner if registered in advance. The pass allows you access to the Symposium on both days.

2 Weekend tickets for The HGGS 2016

Passes have to be worn at all times!

Luthiers Dinner: Tickets for 2 for the buffet-style dinner with many choices and some beverages. Additional tickets for your helper, partner or VIP guest can be ordered with the exhibitor services form.

If you have ordered Lunchboxes you will also have tickets for them included.


[toggle title="When do I set up my table?" state="closed"]Friday, October 7
Set-up 08:00 to 09:00

➣ If you have shipped your goods they will be delivered to your table in the morning!
➣ Store your personal belongings and boxes under your table to create a safe and clean looking exhibit!

[toggle title="What size is my table?" state="closed"]1,80m x 0,90m / 6’ x 3’, 72 cm high. Should you wish to bring a different set up (stands, racks or similar) please talk to us before![/toggle]

[toggle title="Can I bring my own food? Where can I get lunch?" state="closed"]The Estrel does not allow food or drinks to be brought in from outside. There are several restaurants and bars available in the Estrel Atrium for your convenience.

Should you have ordered a lunchbox it will be delivered to the Foyer.

[toggle title="Is there a WiFi (WLAN) connection for vendors?" state="closed"]The Estrel provides a free WIFI / WLAN service, access information can be requested at the hotel reception. Guests staying at the Estrel can use a log-in with their room number and use either the free service or pay for an upgraded faster connection.

[toggle title="Can I sell  at the Symposium/Marketplace? VAT and other Licensing" state="closed"]Yes, you can! But remember, sales in Germany are subject to 19% VAT! It is your own responsibility to work out any regulations in terms of business registrations or licensing, VAT and sales that might apply to you. The regulations concerning VAT are very complex and depend on various circumstances so it is impossible to give you detailed general information. Any sales made or orders taken are between you and the customer. The organizer (EGB) is not in any way involved and is not liable or responsible for any issues concerning such transactions!


[toggle title="How do I ship things back ?" state="closed"] A ‘storage note’ will be distributed. After the Symposium closes and break-down is completed Estrel personnel will pick up any goods needing to be shipped back from Foyer:

➣ Bring enough tape and all forms you need for return shipping (airwaybill, pouches etc.)
➣ Make sure your boxes are taped shut securely and labeled correctly.
➣ Complete the ‘storage note’ and include it and any other relevant paperwork with your shipment
➣ Pre-arrange for a pickup by your freight company or carrier - Estrel cannot do that for you!
➣ The storage service is free of charge for up to 3 workdays after the event
➣ From the 4th day storage fees apply and you need to complete the ‘Order Form Logistic’

Safetey rules and regulations

➣ There is volunteer staff at the doors during opening hours. Please approach them should you need assistance.

➣ Full compliance with all security regulations and directives by Show or Estrel staff is required. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the event!

➣ During Symposium hours vendors are solely responsible for their table, display and other items (laptops etc.), so do not leave it unattended!

➣ In any case neither Estrel nor the Show organiser (The European Guitar Builders e.V.) are liable for any damage, loss, vandalism, or theft of goods displayed or other items. It is your sole responsibility to protect your property and we recommend that you carry appropriate insurance coverage.

➣ The Estrel is a non-smoking building. It is strictly prohibited to smoke on the premises. There are designated areas for smokers available. Do not use the emergency exits to go outside.

➣ Make sure that any cables are attached safely and do not present a safety hazard!

External links provided in this document are for your information. We are not connected to any of these platforms or businesses, and are not responsible for the content, information, or services offered there.