The EGB Symposium is the yearly platform for luthiers,  intended to create a forum for luthiers to meet, to discuss topics which are important to them, to learn from each other, and to build a community with the goal of enriching our lives though new friendships, collaborations and plain fun!

The Symposium is a lively and interesting event! We share many of the same problems and issues - our situation as artisans facing dwindling resources and increases in regulations, along with  changes in our customer base, is something we all have in common.  Most of us have been dealing with these issues on our own, as best we could.  The EGB Symposium is the place to share experiences, develop strategies and find the common ground where we can be help and support each other.

The EGB Symposium is a closed event for EGB members and guests.


The next EGB Symposium will again happen in conjunction with The Holy Grail Guitar Show, on Thursday May 3rd and Friday May 4th, 2018. An exciting program will again await participants.