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What is the EGB?
The EGB is an association of professional European luthiers and others interested in furthering the craft. We mean to create a pan-European association for guitar makers, to establish a platform for the sharing of knowledge and experience as well as increase the public awareness about the quality and versatility of handmade instruments (please refer to the mission for more details).

Why should I become an EGB member?
Our goal is to become a lively community that offers peer-to-peer support and builds up to be an unparalleled source of information for its members, in addition to providing a network for like-minded people. As with any association, success very much depends on the dedication and involvement of its members!

If you are not a luthier you can still join the community as support member. Your membership fee and perhaps your personal contributions (time, expertise etc.) are equally important to support the cause!

What do I get for my membership fee?
Our association was formed just a few of years ago, and it's still taking its first steps, so your membership is an investment in this development. You can contribute to its growth by helping, offering ideas or allowing us to do the work by supporting us with your membership fee. Think of it as sowing the seeds! The annual EGB Symposium is the first of many steps towards our goals.

Current member benefits are:

* Listing on the member page: full members with photo and link to their website, support members by name if they choose so
* Website, Forum & Newsletters: The EGB website is constantly growing, with a full forum and knowledgebase to keep you informed. Regular newsletters are sent out with updates.
* EGB Symposium - free or low cost attendance for all full members, small fee for support members
* The Holy Grail Guitar Show: free 2-day ticket for all members (1 per member)

Does my membership fee pay for the organization of the HGGS?
No. Membership fees are used for the administration of the EGB, developing projects like the EGB database, the Forum, and the EGB Symposium. The HGGS is funding itself and the long term goal is for it to become a source of funds for EGB projects as well.

Should I become an EGB member so I can exhibit at the Holy Grail Guitar Show?
No! Membership is not a criteria to be selected as an exhibitor. The Holy Grail Guitar Show is an international event intended to promote the art of lutherie, organized by EGB to support its mission and goals.

Do members get the exhibitor fee discounted?
This idea has been brought up, but the EGB board decided that the EGB membership and the HGGS exhibitor fees should not be tied to each other. The reason is that it would place the members into an unequal position. Those members who would be selected to exhibit at the Show would benefit of such a rule, while those who applied but weren't selected would feel the opposite: they paid the membership fee but are not able to benefit.

I did not get invited to exhibit at The Holy Grail Guitar Show – why should I bother to come to Berlin?
Attending the Symposium and meeting & mingling with your colleagues should be reason enough. Guitar making is by and large a solitary occupation and meeting and getting to know other builders is a great way to expand one’s social life and to learn things which can help, not only making better guitars but how to improve the way they are made – being part of a community has many benefits, help, company, support, knowledge. It simply makes for a richer life, even if you’re not really the social type…

I have great ideas about what the EGB should/could be!
As an association we are self-organised and any input is welcome! Share your ideas by contacting Tania Spalt, who takes care of the administration, or one of the board members (see board listings in the sidebar).

I have a question or I want to voice a concern. How do I do that?
First, please remember that most of the people dedicating their time and resources to developing the EGB do so voluntarily. This fact should be accorded the appropriate respect and it also means that things don’t always happen right away. At this time the best way to communicate with the association is to contact Tania Spalt or someone from the board. They will be able to answer your questions and respond to your comments. We are welcoming any suggestions and are certainly open to hear constructive criticism! Furthermore, attend the General Assembly! If you want to add an item to the agenda email the office about it in advance to discuss it. Or volunteer to take on a project that is dear to you. As of right now, much of the man(woman)power is still mostly needed to focus on organizing the Symposium and the Show and other ongoing projects. Also, you can volunteer to become a member of the board. If you are interested in doing so talk to the current board members and they will fill you in on what the requirements and details are. The next board elections are in 2018.



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