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Join and Support the community of European luthiers

The European Guitar Builders association welcomes you to join or support our growing community! There are two types of memberships:



Requirements -- also read the Membership ordinance with more information!

  • You are an independent professional guitar builder (= your business complies with the legal requirements of your home country in regards to registration and VAT regulations. If you are not required to register in your country other criteria will be considered to establish professional status.)
  • Your business is located in Europe
  • You are endorsed by another full member
  • You have a business philosophy compatible with the association’s philosophy
  • You are in your 4th year since officially registering your business (if not, you can still submit this application, but it is likely that you will have support membership status until this requirement is met)!

Annual membership fee 100€. Full membership grants you the right to vote in the general assembly and you can be elected to serve on the board. Your application will be reviewed and approved by the board. Full members will be listed on the member page on the website.

EGB is the organizer of The Holy Grail Guitar Show. Please notice that EGB full membership does not grant an exhibitor spot at the show.




We welcome individuals and organizations to be part of the community and to support the development of the EGB, its projects, mission and philosophy. This type of membership is open to individuals but also to organizations pursuing similar goals. Support membership grants the right to attend the general assembly, but not the right to vote. The support membership application is reviewed by the board and has to be approved as well.

Membership fees for support membership:
Individuals can choose to pay 30€, 50€ or a higher amount.
Organisations 100€ or a higher amount of their choice.



Membership fees are paid annually. Full & Support members will receive an invoice for their dues once their membership has been approved. Accepted payment methods: Wire transfer or PayPal

If you have any questions please contact us.


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