EGB at Guitar Summit 2017

September 8 - 10, 2017

More than 30 EGB members will present their work at the Guitar Summit 2017 at the Rosengarten in Mannheim. Tickets are on sale right now at The following members will come together in the EGB community exhibit:

A.J.Lucas        Adrian Lucas
Arrenbieguitars Ralph Bonte
Bacce Custom Guitars Daniel Cabezas
De Haan Guitars
Frank de Haan
Deimel Guitarworks Frank Deimel
Di Donato guitars Enrico di Donato
Diego Vila / Custom Guitars & Basses Diego Vila
Ergon Guitars Adriano Sergio
Fab Guitars Fabian Schweiger
Fant Guitars Martin Ebner
Franfret Guitars Francisco José Rodríguez Torrón
Giulio Negrini Guitars Giulio Negrini
hans guitars Thorsten  Hans
Jablonski Guitars Christian Jablonski
JHG Guitars Hans Geerdink
Le Fay German Bass Engineering Reiner und Meik Dobbratz
Manne Guitars Andrea Ballarin
Neubauer Guitars Andreas Neubauer
NOAHguitARS Renato Ruatti
o3 custom guitars Alejandro Ramirez Antolin
Pagelli Gitarrenbau Claudio Pagelli
Panucci Custom Guitars Angelo van Merrienboer
Rikkers Guitars & Bassguitars Jacco Stuitje and Ferdinand Rikkers
Ruokangas Guitars Juha Ruokangas
Spalt Instruments Michael Spalt
Stoll Guitars Christian Stoll
Teuffel Ulrich Teuffel
TULI Basses Aron Bach
Turnstone Guitar Company Rosie Heydenrych
UniCut Guitars Florian Lüttke
Vuorensaku Guitars Saku Vuori


Several other members will display in their own booths close by:

Matthias Meyer, Bassart Guitars

Andreas Cuntz, Cuntz Guitars

Günter Eyb, Eyb Guitars/Elyra Guitars

Jens Ritter, Jens Ritter Instruments

Martin Seeliger, Lakewood Guitars

George Lowden, Lowden Guitars

Gerald Marleaux, Marleaux Bass Guitars

Nik Huber, Nik Huber Guitars

Pierre-Marie Chateauneuf, PMC Guitars

Daniel Kuppels, Redemption Guitars

Gerhard Schwarz, Schwarz Custom Guitars

Egon Rauscher, Soultool Customized Guitars Switzerland

Michael Springer, Springer Guitars

Rainer Tausch, Tausch Guitars

Uwe Schölch, Tonfuchs Guitars

Bastian Kanbach, Zeal Guitars

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