The Musician: Elena Todorova

Elena Todorova is a trained musician / guitarist living in Vienna. She likes to play varied genres -- Jazz, Funk, Blues, as well as Rock and Pop music. During her career she has worked with numerous bands, like Louie Austen, Sam Brisbe,  Big John Withfield, Aminata Seydi, Kris Jefferson, Lubomir Gospodinov, Uni Big Band and others. In 2014 she recorded her own album together with singer Aminata Seydi ein Album. Elena also teaches in Vienna at the 'Wiener Konservatorium'.

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The Team


Jacco Stuitje



Francisco Rodriguez

Juha Ruokangas



Giulio Negrini


Martin Ebner



Seth Baccus

General support:

Tamara Koller (guitar building student)

Roberto Cardi

The Beginning / Vienna, June 2017


"For an instrumentalist it is very important to have the oportunity to communicate with the people, who are actually building the Instruments. EGB is supporting and making the connection between the musician and the instrument stronger through this creative process. This is a great way to develope the guitar, but also to support the music, the inspiration, and the way of playing guitar." Elena Todorova, 2017






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CB - Electric Guitar

The fingerboard

Inlay by Giulio Negrini, Italy

Introducing CB – Electric

The Electric Group has started! Jacco Stuitje is introducing the start of "The Stretch" for Elena Todorova in this short video ( Jacco started on the fingerboard-with-fiberoptics, Giulio Negrini will work on the inlays, Fran Rodriquez will make the body, Seth Baccus is ...