EGB Community Build: A Bass


The Bass Player: Julia Hofer

Julia Hofer is a young musician from Austria, who not only plays bass but also cello.

Click here for her website or follow her on Facebook, where she will post about the progress of the project as well!





The Team



Andreas Neubauer









Hans Geerdink



Ulrich Teuffel



Ferdinand Rikkers



Diego Vila





General Support and Keeper of the Chronicles

Olav Frey - The Gas Man

The Beginning / Vienna, June 2017


1. Preparing

Excitement, who´s involved, who can do what, who does what? Who´s a specialist? The luthiers sit together. Ideas breaking through, kind of: "Have you heard?", "A Jazz Bass?" "No?" What else?" "Let us see what happens." A cloud of "if" and "should" and "may" and "could" floats the round. All are unified. The group is formed. Understanding and expectation find together. Everybody told his aim. A leader is called. That´s done. See what´s coming up.




2. First contact
A look, a shy smile, laughter. Who´s supposed to be involved? Who are these luthiers? Who is Julia? It seems like a dance. Everybody is careful, respect rules the scene. Questions from all directions. What should, what could what will be?Who will and what´s like? A steady stream of questions break down. Julia is the center, waiting for, answered. Then the questioning lurches, pause, a laugh from her and the ice is broken, perimeter is clear. See the picture and you know what happened. Read what´s coming up soon!


3. Mission started
The main parts of the project are clear and advised. The expected time loss for shipping is in mind and included to the project plan. The deadline is fixed and the project timeline is done. Project is on track now. The framework is ready, let´s get technical.

Back to Julia, back to the Bass. What does she like, what makes her happy? Are there any preferences? A picture is slowly forming. Still fluttering and only in shadows, but it will. Sports and music are her main themes, focus on music. She has got a wide range of music background. The whole thing takes shape. There will be no Jazz Bass, that´s clear. Pictures of samples and models are shown, wood, shapes, colors. Amazement and expectation among all. It runs into the depth of matter. Strings, handhold, thump position on the neck, playing technique, Julia is in demand. Possibilities and ideas, familiar or less where discussed. At the end, a question from Julia to one of the luthiers is in space: "What is meaningful? What works? What does the Bass need?" It will be exciting again. The luthier gave technical comments and examples. The observer admits: "The Bass shall inspire you and make you demand your sound. Then you will reach what you are looking for." Vision is born. We will see what action is coming up.


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The Bass build is off to a good start!

Does it fit or does it need changes? Julia Hofer visiting Tania & Michael Spalt with the first model dummy for her bass.


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