The Musician: Jacqueline 'Jacky' Bastek

Jacky Bastek is a Singer/Songwriter, Composer and Fingerstyle Guitarist from Eppstein, Germany.

Jacky's progressive sound stems from a wide variety of influences, forming a genre hopping, innovative style. Her method of creating rhythm through tapping and beating her guitar, seamlessly blended with her haunting, elegant vocals creates the illusion of an entire band through a singular artist.

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The Team

The Guitarbuilders:

Adrian Lucas



Adriano Sergio


Christian Stoll



Andy Manson


Christian Jablonski



Jacky Walraet


Rosie Heydenreich

The Beginning / Vienna, July 2017


Jacky Bastek's first impressions:

"Last weekend I got to hang out with the European tribe of outstanding guitar luthiers. It has been a lovely experience and I'm incredibly grateful to be part of a very exciting project. Thanks to everyone for being so lovely and welcoming. It's been amazingly inspiring to experience such a high amount of creativity in one room and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!

(And hell yeah I wanna build guitars now!)

Sometimes life is pretty exciting and I feel incredibly honoured to be a part of this amazing project. Over the next months you can follow the process of building a custom bass, a custom electric guitar and a custom acoustic guitar on the @EGB Community Build Facebook page. And hey, one of those lovely instruments will end up in my hands. Whuuuuttt? Yesss, I am going crazy on the design. Yes, I spend most of my current time reading about wood. Yes, I am in love with the EGB. And yes, if you come to the Holy Grail Guitar Show you can try the guitar!"

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Jacky visiting Germany and Portugal

With Christian Stoll @ Stoll Guitars, Germany With Andy Manson & Adriano Sergio, Portugal

The Acoustic build starting off well…

Jacqueline visiting with Adriano Sergio (and also Andy Manson) in Portugal in his shop