The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 – exhibitor deadline approaching

The next and fourth edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018, which will return to the Estrel Berlin on May 5 & 6, 2018, is accepting exhibitor applications until April 30, 2017. The HGGS is an invitational Show organized by the EGB. More information and application form can be found on the website or with this link:

The Local Wood Challenge continues…

The Challenge Continues!
The Local Wood Challenge was such a big hit at last year's Holy Grail Guitar Show that we have decided to keep it as an ongoing program. The EGB will be working together with other events in coming years to make sure attention remains focused on the important topic of sustainability and locally-sourced materials. There will be a display of LWC instruments, and a presentation about the Leonardo Gutiar Research Project, at the upcoming Cordefactum Festival in Lier in Belgium. The Cordefactum Festival runs from April 14 - 16. More information is available here:

For more information about the project and find out how to register an instrument click here.

CITES – EU Update

The EU has published a Question and Answer document to address and explain the recent CITES changes concerning especially Dalbergia (Rosewood). Click here for the document:

2017 EGB Symposium, Vienna

June 23 - 25, 2017


We don't want to wait until The HGGS 2018 for the next EGB Symposium! The date has been confirmed for June 23 - 25, and location this time will be beautiful Vienna! The Symposium is open to EGB members only! If you are considering becoming a member click here for more information.

EGB Members @ London Bass Guitar Show

Several EGB members have banded together for another expedition to the London Bass Guitar Show on March 4 & 5. If you are in the vicinity stop by for a visit! Click here for more information!

EGB Members @ NAMM 2017

Several EGB Members and Holygrailers will exhibit at NAMM this year, some of them as part of the Boutique Guitar Showcase. Visit these extaordinary makers of boutique guitars from January 19 - 22 at the NAMM 2017 in Anaheim. For more information visit

CITES and the guitar – a guide for manufacturers & traders of musical instruments, by Madinter

Madinter published this comprehensive guide about the (new) CITES regulations on their website:

Thank you for this great resource!

CITES changes coming January 2, 2017

The changes decided by the CoP17 will affect  luthiers worldwide. Although the EU has not yet published their decision on how and when the new regulations will be implemented in Europe they will take effect internationally on January 2, 2017. More information can be found at the CITES website or through other organizations like NAMM's issues & advocacy program.

Act immediately if this applies to you:
1. You own wood that is affected by the coming CITES changes (Rosewood, Bubinga etc.)
2. You don't have any documents proving its pre-convention status (meaning you bought / imported it before January 2, 2017?)
Then you have less than 2 weeks left to act! Contact you local CITES authorities to find out how to register your existing inventory to avoid problems after the new regulations take effect on January 2, 2017!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016

A big 'thank you' to all the exhibitors, visitors and other supporters of this year's HGGS, which again turned out tremendously well!

With 135 exhibitors there was certainly something there for every taste, from classical, flamenco and Archtop instruments to double-neck basses and dreadnoughts, to heavy metal shredders and avant-garde axes and all stations in between. The proportion of electric to acoustic instruments was in the 60:40 range, with a strong showing of basses and hybrid instruments.

A particular highlight of this year’s Show was the Local Wood Challenge. Exhibitors were invited to contribute instruments sourced exclusively from materials from their region, the aim being to highlight the great local woods available for building guitars as an alternative to the endangered high-airmile tropical woods traditionally used in instrument making. The results, as one might expect from top international builders, were spectacular, to say the least.

If you were not able to visit or just want to relive some of the highlights visit our social media sites for the post-show coverage:
The HGGS YouTube Channel

From Ed Sheeran to Eric Clapton: The Irish guitarmakers behind the stars

This is a great article about several Irish Guitarmakers, some of whom are EGB members and/or exhibitors at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016!

Click here to read the article from the Irish Times!