Update by Rosie Heydenrych

"I'm very fortunate to be involved in a project called the EGB Community Build which is an exciting collective guitar building project. There are three community builds underway, electric, acoustic & bass and I'm part of the acoustic group. We're building ours for a fantastic talent, Jacqueline Bastek.

I attempted to record my contribution, which was to build the acoustic guitar back. My film work is pretty amateur with the focus being somewhat off the mark in a number of takes. But I like to think this gives your eyes a nice workout - "where's the focus going next!?" - you will wail at the screen!

The guitars will be unveiled in May this year at the The Holy Grail Guitar Show / HGGS being held in Berlin."

Rosie Heydenrych, January 2018

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Continuing in Germany with Christian

"Getting a custom guitar built is an amazing experience. It's like watching a wooden baby grow...Yesterday I got to have a look at the neck and the fretboard of the EGB Community Build. It's all taking shape and I am filled with a terribly huge amount of excitement and happiness.
A proud parent I am!

Love to all The European Guitar Builders that are involved in this project."

Jacky Bastek, October 2017


Sometimes the postman brings you happiness in form of a letter. And if you are really lucky, a really big one.

Thanks Deutsche Post, thanks Andy Manson and thanks to The European Guitar Builders.
Can't wait for the EGB Community Build and the luthier fellowship to bring this baby to life!

The heroes staring in this story are:
Stoll Guitars, Turnstone Guitar Company, A.J.Lucas luthier, Atelier Jacky Walraet, Luthier, Ergon Guitars, Christian Jablonski & Andy Manson Custom Guitars

Muchos happy. That's all I can say.

Jacky Bastek, August 2017

Jacky with Andy

"The Building of the EGB Community Build hasn't even started yet and I already can't contain myself.

Andy Manson Custom Guitars built me this prototype trying to convince me that this is actually happening."
Jacky Bastek, August 2017