Just in time for the run-up to the EGB Symposium and The Holy Grail Guitar Show this fall, the new EGB platform has finally come online.
The creation of this site is an excellent example of what we envisioned the EGB to be, when we first came together. The EGB is a community, and as such it depends entirely on the participation and the voluntary contributions of its members. Jacco and Sander stepped up and offered their skill and time to realize this project. I very much hope we will be making good and frequent use of the website and the new Forum.

Our association is still in its infancy. We are spread all across Europe. Having a common platform for networking and communicating is crucial to the creation and sustainability of our community. This platform can be a powerful tool in bringing us together and making our lives richer and easier. Your input and your participation is vital, it is what will allow it to develop and serve your needs better. As guitar makers we share many of the same experiences, problems. We can help each other in many ways. Sharing information, creating friendships, initiating activities, all of this can make a difference in tangible and positive ways. Look at how the HGGS has already impacted the European handmade guitar scene. And that is just the beginning…

This website is brand new – there might still be bugs and things that need to be tweaked. Let us know if you come across some. Ideas, proposals, thoughts? This is your website - it needs your input, your comments, to grow and develop. Don’t be shy – don’t be lazy! We are all EGB! Resistance is futile ;-)

Finally I’d like to paraphrase J.F. Kennedy here: “Ask not what the EGB can do for you, ask what you can do for the EGB!”

Best Regards,

Michael Spalt - EGB President

EGB's News & Events

  • Welcome to the new EGB website and Forum!

    Dear Friends and Colleagues – welcome to the new EGB website and Forum! Just in time for the run-up to the EGB Symposium and The Holy Grail Guitar Show ...

    September 6, 2015
  • EGB presents – for the first time in Europe: a Grit Laskin Seminar, spring 2016 (in planning stage)

    EGB presents: INLAY & ENGRAVING with William ‘Grit' Laskin Members of EGB have the chance for a rare treat:William ‘Grit’ Laskin has offered to ...

    September 5, 2015
  • Archtop Forum Kandel

    Archtop Forum 2015

    There might still be some spots for exhibitors at the Archtop-Forum, which will take place Nov. 21th In Kandel, Germany. archtop forum ...

    September 2, 2015
  • The EGB annual General Assembly

    Chairmans Hammer

    After the Symposium the EGB General Assembly will be taking place.  It is important that you attend!  Every 3 years the election to the board has to ...

    September 1, 2015
  • Upcoming EGB Symposium

    EGB Symposium 2015

    The Friday before the HGGS, Oct. 30th, the second EGB Symposium will take place at the Estrel.  We are working on a program that is going to include a ...

    September 1, 2015
  • ASIA Symposium

    ASIA Symposium 2015

    Every three years the ASIA Symposium is held.  It is actually taking place right now - for those of you who are interested here's the link: ...

    July 7, 2015
  • Graines de Guitare


    The festival "Graines de Guitare" will celebrate it's third edition next weekend.  16 luthiers and 12 guitar-related exhibitors and a rich musical program ...

    July 7, 2015
  • Ottawa Guitar Show


    The Ottawa Guitar Show will take place June 21st, 2015 -quite a few of the HGGS exhibitors will be there to show their instruments!

    July 7, 2015
  • Now on Facebook!

    Schermafbeelding 2015-09-02 om 20.49.09

    We have created a Facebook group for the EGB.  It was evident that we needed to find better ways to communicate among group members & this seems to ...

    June 10, 2015
  • 2016 Santa Barbara Show


    Another new show will take place in Santa Barbara, California, September 29 - October 2, 2016.  It seems that there are still some exhibitor spots ...

    June 1, 2015
  • Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival


    This coming week will see the first edition of the Memphis Guitar Festival Quite a few of the exhibitors we will encounter in Berlin this Fall are also ...

    June 1, 2015
  • Woodstock international Luthiers Showcase


    The Woodstock Guitar Festival is taking place the weekend before the HGGS.  Check it out - you may want to visit!  Some of the world's premier builders ...

    May 26, 2015

EGB Presidents' Blog

  • Welcome to the new EGB website and Forum!

    Dear Friends and Colleagues – welcome to the new EGB website and Forum! Just in time for the run-up to the EGB Symposium and The Holy Grail Guitar Show ...

    September 6, 2015
  • Next Year

    Last year was all about the first Holy Grail Guitar Show.  The EGB agenda had to take a backseat to this major effort - but I think it paid off ...

    December 22, 2014
  • Almost There

    It has been hard to keep up with the blog, I have to admit - a lot of work organizing the show and then there were also the guitars that needed to be done. ...

    November 12, 2014
  • The Guitar Business is Changing….

    Interesting item in the news today - please check it out.  What this means for us independent builders is not quite clear yet - but it foreshadows a trend ...

    October 20, 2014
  • Must Read

    The new book Guitar Makers by Yale professor of anthropology Kathryn Dudley is a must read for anyone working in the field of guitar building. She ...

    August 31, 2014
  • EGB Project / a Luthiers Dictionary

    Time for the first EGB project - we want to create a dictionary of luthier's terms in as many European languages as possible.  This way luthiers will ...

    August 25, 2014

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